Everything started with me being a curious child and discovering the basic video editing software in my parents' computer. Since then video making became not only my hobby but also a work. I'm an open-minded hard-working videographer, video editor & photographer, who works with passion but fast. 

I believe that ART is much more than just material, most important that it is prodigious power to make a change.

My work focuses on video editing, photography & creative projects.
Always experimenting & learning new techniques. 
I'm working with Adobe Photoshop & Premiere. Besides, I'm learning animation techniques using After Effects. 

Work with Me
Dear activists, revolutionists & believers, let me help you to create something special & original! 
Get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss rates, scheduling and more.

Currently working as a video editor at ArtOfficial Agency, in Copenhagen. 

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